Sunday, March 21, 2010

Climategate: Two More Bricks Fall Out of the IPCC Wall of Deceit

Oops! There go another two bricks, rainforests and polar bears, tumbling out of the IPCC wall of deceit on man-made global warming.

There is not a lot left now; even the Berlin Wall (to which the AGW construct is ideologically allied) has survived better. Unhappily for Al, Phil, Michael, George and the rest of the scare-mongers, these two discredited components are among the most totemic in the AGW religion.

Firstly, a new study, funded by Nasa (which may be feeling the need to rehabilitate itself post-Climategate) has revealed that the ridiculous claim in the notorious IPCC 2007 report that up to 40 per cent of the Amazon rainforest could be drastically affected by even a small reduction in rainfall caused by climate change, so that the trees would be replaced by tropical grassland, is utter nonsense.

Now Dr Jose Marengo, a climate scientist with the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research and himself a member of the IPCC, says: “The way the WWF report calculated this 40 per cent was totally wrong."

An even bigger tear-jerker was the plight of polar bears, bolstered by carefully cropped photographs of lonely bears stranded on fast-melting icebergs, doomed to extinction. That is the second brick that has fallen out of the IPCC wall.

The bottom line is the actual statistics, conceded even by warmists: since 1970 the world’s polar bear population has “declined” from 5,000 to 25,000!

Warmists claim the polar bear population of the Chukchi Sea is declining. When questioned at some depth though they concede illegal hunting by Russians is a prime cause.

Hell! If you are going to get a couple of million dollars for "scientific research" then you can't let statistics get in the way! Or truth for that matter.

See the full article by Gerald Warner at See link below:

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