Friday, December 11, 2009

Why Can’t Al Gore Tell the Truth, Just for Once?

Having been forced to cancel his speech at the Copenhagen summit, carbon billionaire Al Gore found the time to leave the comfort of his 20 bedroom power-guzzling mansion to address the Climategate scandal, before letting loose another deluge of lies and spin in defence of his collapsing global warming fraud.

Gore claims that the ClimateGate emails have been taken out of context and that , “The most recent one is more than 10 years old.”

As Andrew Bolt documents, Gore repeated the claim that the emails were over 10 years old no less than three times.

“In fact, as Watts Up With That shows, one Climategate email was from just two months ago. The most recent was sent on November 12 – just a month ago. The emails which have Tom Wigley, seeming (to me) to choke on the deceit are all from this year. Phil Jones’ infamous email urging other Climategate scientists to delete emails is from last year.”

For the full report from Paul Joseph Watson please see the link below.

However, before we trundle off I would like to bring your mind to a farmyard fable. Fables and parables have been used as teaching aids right through recorded history. Jesus let us in on quite a few good ones.

A fable with a great connection to the man made global warming scam is Chicken Little.

Chicken Little wasn’t the sharpest pencil in the farmyard, pretty much about average for a chicken. He is playing near the gate to the barnyard when he is hit on the head by a falling acorn. The wiley fox, standing outside the barnyard gate, convinces Chicken Little that the sky is falling and that the chickens and ducks must flee. Chicken Little opens the gate to flee and the fox enjoys the ensuing feast.

Let us move this parable into the global warming scam arena.

The acorn is played by combustion and its byproduct, CO2. Chicken little is played by the hijacked green movement and the scientifically illiterate media. The safe barnyard is played by Western democracies and their freedoms. The fox? Who plays the fox? The fox is played by the new corporate global pirates.

Many thanks to the unknown scribe who posted this fable on the Internet.

Yes the same internet Al Gore claimed to have developed! Why Can’t Al Gore Tell the Truth, Just for Once?

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  1. Not only did he lie about inventing the Internet, he claimed on the Conon O'Brien Show in mid November that the temperature of the interior of the earth was "millions of degrees".