Friday, December 25, 2009

Late update from Steve Fielding

Hi, I hope you all had a great and safe Christmas.

Here is an update on the Dopenhagen Climate Change Fiasco from Senator Steve Fielding. Sorry I am a bit late getting it to you, festive season and all:

Update from Copenhagen
Thursday, 17 December, 2009 4:29 PM
"Senator Steve Fielding"
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Thank you for signing my climate change petition and for demanding
greater accountability of the Government.

As supporters of the petition I wanted to give you a personal update of what I’ve been up to at the Copenhagen Climate Conference.

Since I arrived in Copenhagen on Saturday I’ve been busy at the COP 15 conference hearing numerous speakers as well as meeting with a number of politicians from around the world and various NGOs.

One interesting person who I sat beside was Borjn Lomberg. Although Mr Lomberg is actually on the record as believing that carbon dioxide emissions are the leading cause of climate change, he was still very critical of scheme like the Rudd Government’s CPRS and thought it was bad public policy.

According to Mr Lomberg, an ETS will not do anything to stop climate change and will just be a big windfall for the bankers and brokers and other financial institutions, while ordinary Australian families are left to foot the bill.

Given that there is clearly a growing opposition to the government’s CPRS, and now even from people like Mr Lomberg who don’t have questions about the science, it’s now clearer than ever that we need a proper inquiry into the scheme before we go any further with it.

As far as what is happening here in relation to negotiations between the different countries, to be blunt things are a total mess and it doesn’t appear likely that there’ll be any meaningful agreement by Friday.

However, there is talk of a three tiered system which would see one rule for China and the US, another for developed nations and compensation for the rest.

This is hardly a fair deal as it will disadvantage Australia and impact upon many hard working families. This is something we don’t want to see happen as it would destroy our economy and see thousands of jobs being booted offshore.

Debate about whether man made carbon dioxide emissions are the main driver of climate change has been muted over here, but that only makes me more determined to find why the temperature over the last 15 years has remained steady while carbon dioxide emissions have sky rocketed.

As things develop further I’ll keep you posted.


Steve F

Many thanks to Steve Fielding for his latest update on the direction Rudd the Dudd is taking us.

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