Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Green Insanity! Organic Farmer, Thanks To Local Council, Faces Ruin.

"In northern New South Wales, a certified organic farmer of macadamia nuts is facing ruin because of the arbitrary decisions of a local government. In New South Wales local governments have the ability to declare "local environmental plans" under the Environment Planning and Assessment Act 1979. These plans allow local governments to determine what can and can't happen on someone's property through a simple council decision.

This farmer's local council decided to rezone half of his property to what is known as E2. As described on the Environmental Defender’s Office website, the E2 zone is “for areas outside the national parks and nature reserves and provides the highest level of protection for high conservation value lands without actually locking them up in the public reserve system.” The EDO encourages its activists to “Look to see that council does not add any developments that would undermine the protection afforded to land zoned E2.”[2] 

This macadamia farmer’s council, dominated by Green councilors, has told him that he can’t construct buildings or fences on the part of his land that has been designated E2. He can't change the farming he currently performs. He can't change his crops. Basically he is told he can't do anything. Don't innovate, don't try to get better, just stand still, but pay your rates, public liability insurance and the bank.  

Not surprisingly, this farmer recently had a valuation performed which showed that the reclassification of his land has halved the value of his land. No compensation, no recourse whatsoever. A local council can effectively steal half of someone's asset and there doesn't appear to be anything he can do about it. Environmental fear and loathing campaigns, with prognostication of imminent demise, have clouded the self-evident loss of individual liberty and economic reality.

This is not an isolated example, 30 per cent of the Kyogle Shire is covered by an E2 designation in its draft local environment plans. "

I wonder how many Greens "Councillors" there are on Kyogle Shire Council?

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