Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Won't Get Fooled Again"? Bullshit - You Are Getting Fooled Now With Global Warming!

 Is this why we so called "sceptics" are nearly always referred to as older people by the "warmists" bullshitters?

It's because we are old enough to remember sciences previous feeble attempts at manipulation of climate data!

Look at the above three random headlines from the early seventies and all of them mention "science - scientist". Now some of the loudest voices with a dollar to earn from this esteemed  group are telling us the science is settled! Again!

Yeah sure fellas - just like the last time!

Loads of spurious data were concocted to further the '70's lie of 'The Ice Age Is Coming" such as this graph  courtesy of Newsweek April 1975. If you own the media you can print anything and claim it is true.

Now there is a problem of what to do with these and many other lies from their previous attempt at "the science is settled" manipulation of you because it is now diametrically opposed to their present aims for us.

The answer is quite easy. They will just tell you more lies - lies so blatant that suddenly themometers for the last sixty years are found to ALL be faulty!

This was amazingly discovered by a  *gaggle of "scientists" called The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Society.

Don't take my word for it. See an excellent article on how you are being bullshitted to about "faulty themometers" here:

BTW here is another alarmist headline graphic from the '70's.
Have a nice day as you contemplate higher energy bills and an unknown rise in your cost of living courtesy of a carbon tax that won't lower global temperatures by one iota!

Now WTF is an iota?

* Gaggle is a group of geese - a goose and his goose colleagues I guess?

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