Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alarmist of the Year!

 Alarmist of the Year McKeon

I always thought the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization (CSIRO) was a scientific organisation. It even mentions "scientific" in its title.

Then I wonder how in the hell the Gillard Government can appoint a person to head this scientific organisation who has not one scientific credential to his name?

Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine has the following to say about "jobs for the boys".

Having awarded the Australian of the Year to alarmist Tim Flannery in 2007, whose wild predictions concerning the effects of the Green Climate Monster are well known, and almost always wrong, they have this year awarded the honour to another climate evangelist, Simon McKeon.

McKeon was given the role of CSIRO chairman… despite not being a scientist, but it seems that being a warmist makes him even better qualified for the job. Miranda Devine does the business:

YOU don't want to rain on the parade of a man who is so highly regarded that he has just been named Australian of the Year.
Nor do you want to detract from the charitable works for which Simon McKeon has been so honoured.
But the former Macquarie banker deserves censure for his pronouncements on climate change on ABC radio yesterday in which he enthusiastically described himself as a "100 percent believer" who wants to push Australia into a carbon trading scheme by stealth.
He deserves censure not least because last year he was appointed chairman of the CSIRO, despite having no background in science.
Asked by Melbourne radio host Jon Faine if he saw his role at the CSIRO as an opportunity to "shape and influence" its work on climate change, the 55-year-old lawyer said: "Oh, absolutely - it doesn't need any encouragement from me."

Why a non-scientist should be considered a suitable chairman of our pre-eminent scientific body is anyone's guess, but it is another indication of the decline of a once great institution.
It is a tragedy that the CSIRO is a shadow of its former self, reduced by to a mouthpiece for climate alarmism.
McKeon, 55, should be careful about sullying his philanthropic name with warmist politics. More importantly, he should refrain from using his new platform to further damage the credibility of the CSIRO. (source)
 The guy is described as a former Macquarie banker! Enough said, we all know a carbon tax is another bankster con job put in place to keep making the banks fantastically rich at our expense.

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