Friday, May 14, 2010

US Cap & Trade Bill to be Called American Power

I guess the "powers that think they be" in the US regard the majority of their citizens as bog stupid!

What else could they be thinking as they attempt to push through the American version of a carbon trading scheme that the US public emphatically don't want?

Perhaps Kerry (a Bonesman) and Lieberman believed the US people had been indoctrinated enough by the media to fall for it. Call it American Power and the nationalistic heart of the US will swell with pride and swallow the ruse lock, stock and barrel.

What really worries me is that Rudd the Dudds advisers (read controllers) will be watching this one with interest as many Australian politicians think the Australian electorate is as silly as the US electorate. I think they are pretty close to the mark unfortunately.

Here is a report from The American Spectator:

"Today at 1:30 pm Eastern time Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT) will host a press conference announcing the fifth Senate reinvention of "cap-and-trade" global warming legislation since 2003, the "American Power Act". Call it the American Power Grab Act, instead, for reasons that will become obvious momentarily.

The orchestrated spectacle, with a cast expected to be in the dozens which massive alignment of special interest groups is apparently supposed to persuade you of the justness of their cause, is in fact a manifestation of all that is wrong with Washington and what Americans have become increasingly enraged by.

At this press conference, Sens. Kerry and Lieberman have both already indicated, they will insist that their scheme isn't "cap-and-trade" because... they aren't going to use that term this time around.

Kerry has even said that "this is not an environment bill."

It seems that the public aren't buying that argument, either, so it's really about whatever appeals to you. Just not what it was about the previous four times they've tried to slip this Power Grab past you. Except that a summary of the bill makes plain it is, too, cap-and-trade. And worse. It includes billions of dollars each year in gas tax revenue to underwrite the wealth transfers these companies are so in favor of.

For this latest effort to hide an enormous tax and wealth transfer -- a unilateral move that guarantees jobs will be shipped to China, India, Philippines, Mexico and elsewhere -- -- these lawmakers will be surrounded by numerous representatives of the Greens.

That includes not just the wealthy pressure group industry but many among "Big Business", numerous of whom are the benefactors enabling those pressure group chiefs' huge salaries and vast PR budgets to scare you into accepting an agenda that uses the state to, oddly enough, enrich these same companies. Huh."

Catch the full article on how stupid US politicians think the American people are at:

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